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What is an Expert Witness in Google Ads (AdWords)?

A Google Ads expert witness is a highly skilled professional who can provide testimony about the Google Ads platform in a legal proceeding and experience testifying in court and is experienced in answering questions from attorneys and judges.

Google Ads Expert Witness has a deep understanding of all aspects of Google Ads, including campaign setup, audience targeting, bidding, reporting and analytics. They also have experience testifying in court and answering questions from attorneys and judges.

To qualify as a Google Ads expert witness, an individual must have extensive experience managing Google Ads campaigns, be certified and have trial and/or deposition experience.

If you are involved in a legal proceeding that involves Google Ads, you may want to consider hiring a Google Ads expert witness who can provide valuable testimony to help the court understand the complex technical aspects of Google Ads Platform and how Google Ads Platform relates to the facts of your case.

Google Ads expert witness testify in cases that involve:

  1. Trademark infringement
  2. False advertising
  3.  Other business disputes.
  4.  Expert Witness can also help calculate the damages in cases involving lost profits.

Types of questions that a Google Ads expert witness may be asked to testify:

  • Whether a particular advertisement is misleading or deceptive
  • Whether a particular keyword is relevant to a particular product or service
  • Whether a particular bidding strategy is appropriate for a particular campaign
  • Whether a particular website is following Google Ads’ terms of service
  • The economic impact of a particular Google Ads campaign


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