Google Ads Account Manager - 3 x Google Certified Expert

Get Expert Guidance to start your new campaign

Drive App Installs, Engagements, and Traffic to your Website with Google's Ads

Google Ads Account Manager Services

Get More Phone Calls

Ads created in call campaigns are fine-tuned to show only on mobile devices that are capable of making calls.

Increase Store Visits

Research shows that 50% of customers who searched locally on their smartphone visited a shop within a day, as did 34% who searched on a desktop.

Boost Website Traffic

To increase site traffic and get more leads, improve your landing pages and fine-tune your ad campaigns.

Generate Qualified Leads & Drive pipeline by strategizing, implementing, and optimizing

Integrated Multi-touch and Cross-channel Search Marketing Demand Generation Campaigns.

Advanced Search Marketing Google Ads & Bing Ads Account Management Services

Get personalized Google Ads Account Management Services and solutions tailored to your business goals and objectives. 

3 Times Google Ads Certified Professional and Google Advanced Search Ads Specialization Award Winner in 2019. 

+14 Years Hands on Google Ads Account Management Expertise.

Managed and Coordinated budgets in the range of $25 – $30 Million across multiple verticles and industries.

Schedule a consultation today to discuss and create:

  1. Google Ads Expert on growing sales, leads or awareness.
  2. Create an ad campaign tailored to your business and marketing goals
  3. Identify your optimal budget, audiences and keywords
Google Ads Account Manager

What We Do ?

Your Google Ads, Search Marketing Partner

Google Ads makes it easy to show the world what’s unique about your business, so you can reach customers searching for what you offer.

Search Ads - A Full Funnel & User Journy Lead Gen Tool

Use Search Ads to nurture prospects across the user journey and buying cycle. 

Identify Goals, Define KPIs & What Success Looks Like

Turn Company  Goals and Objectives into Active Search Ads Marketing Campaigns. 

Automate Reporting & Develop Dashboards

Automate Reporting and Drive Insights and  Analytics Make Data-Driven Informed  Decisions

Get the best ROI utilizing Google Tools

Your Google Ads, Search Marketing Partner

Google Ads has tools to help make your campaign more effective.

Discover new keywords for your ads

Define your audience to reach the right people.

View performance stats and work on accounts offline.

Control multiple accounts from a single dashboard. 

Strategies Used Get An Edge Over Competitors

  1. Understand the power of Quality Score
  2. Increase your click-through rate
  3. Improve your ad relevance
  4. Perfect your landing page experience
  5. Optimize your keywords
  6. Master your bidding strategy
  7. Examine your competition
  8. Use the tools available to you


Google Ads’ bid simulator helps you to see how different bids might change your ads’ weekly performance.

SEM Consultant is part of the Demand Generation team responsbile for managing Google Ads and Bing Ads account

Using the tool ensure that business ads show on Google when someone search relevant business keywords. For example, if your business a flower shop. The keywords would be “Fresh Tulip flowers shop near me” .

In addition, to optimizing keywords and Ads, SEM consultant is also responsible for managing Google Ads account budgets and spend. Optimizing Bids,  CPC, and CPA’s. Also, ensuring Finance pays Google invoices on time.