Google Ads Benefits

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What Google Ads Can & Cannot Help you Accomplish

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is an advertising service by Google that allows businesses to display ads on Google search results and its advertising network.

What are Google Ads Benefits & What Google Ads Can Do

Google Ads is my favorite tool in the overall marketing stack. In fact, Google Ads formerly Google Adwords is the tool that helped me decide to pursue a career in Digital Marketing. 

Google Ads is a complete system through which you can deliver ads to users who are actively looking for your products and services. 

Google Ads charges you every time when user clicks on the Ad you are serving. You can totally control costs and measure performance and results. 

I was able to just do that. Using Google Ads, show in search results when potential customers searched for the products & services. Ability to just do that helped me decide to pursue a career in Digital Marketing & Demand-Generation. Prior to entering Digital Marketing, I spent over 5-6 years in Information Technology. 

  • Show up for people searching your offerings or brand. 
  • Target your customer audience based on filters including: 
    1. Keywords
    2. Ad Location
    3. Age
    4. Language
    5. Days
    6. Times
    7. Frequency
    8. Devices
  • Google Ads gives you control over how you spend your money. There is no minimum or maximum, based on your budget you can strategize campaigns that have the best potential to produce ROI. 
  • Measure your success. 
  • Learn, adopt and continuously optimize increasing efficiency,  reducing costs, and increasing ROI. 
  • Show up to people searching for your competitors.
  • Get in front of prospects via audience targeting. 
  • Promote your physical store to people nearby.
  • And more… you can learn by reviewing the blogs with the category SEM

What Google Ads Cannot Help Accomplish

  • Guarantee leads or sales (or profitable ones).
  • Put Ads on your competitor’s websites.
  • Steal your competitor’s customers.
  • Get your site to rank higher organically. 


Google Ads Benefits

  1. Cost & ROI
  2. Control & Management
  3. Fast Results
  4. Level Competition
  5. Local Advertising
  6. Increase Brand Awareness
  7. Targeting
  8. Re-marketing
  9. Analytics
  10. Conversion Tracking
  11. Benefits SEO
  12. Scalable
  13. Offline conversion data import

Factors to consider when choosing Native Ad Networks

  1. Targeting Options
  2. Run-of-Network Options
  3. Relevance of Sources to Your Target Audiences
  4. Devices Available for Targeting
  5. Ad Formats
  6. Pricing Model
  7. Ease of Use
Factors to consider when choosing Native Ad Networks

Search Campaign or Search Network

  1. Driving direct conversions.
  2. Capturing high-intent buyers.
  3. Providing on-the-spot solutions to immediate needs

Display Campaign or Display Network

  1. Building brand affinity.
  2. Expanding top-of-funnel prospect pools.
  3. Indirectly increasing conversions rates and click-through-rates.

Shopping Campaign or Shopping Network

  1. Increasing qualified traffic
  2. Decreasing cost-per-action.
  3. Showcasing compelling product creative.
  1. Generating Impressions that matter.
  2. Increasing reach & brand awareness.
  3. Getting in on the vanguard of an exploding trend.

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