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What is Google Ads Bid Simulator

The google ads budget simulator is a really powerful tool to better understand what’s going to happen if you decide to increase or even decrease your ad spend budget for any given campaign.  Thinking about Budget Simulator reminds me of those repeated notifications asking to optimize account be reviewing suggestions and implementing suggestions generated by Google Automated Data systems and engines. Those are actually suggested by budget simulator. Its not google automations this or that. Its the Bid Simulators. Probably the language Google use internal.
The solution or product built internal team known as bid simulator. If you think about automated generated vs bid simulator. Bid simulator will be the strongest using both Google Ads internal team resources and Google automation and data warehouse. 
if you’re in google ads and you select all campaigns at the top left here then from there you should be able to select campaigns and then you’ll see all of your campaigns listed out going down the page here you might need to modify the columns here and add in the budget column which is automatically set here if you need to modify the columns because yours look different than you can but once you have the budget column here.
if you just click on this little icon where it says campaign budget simulator it’s going to pop up a window where then you’ll have a nice little graph as well as some different data about what will happen if you increase the budget for the campaign right so in this case it’s saying you know if we go down from 40 a day to 15 a day roughly our clicks will drop by half and our conversions will drop by half but so will the conversion value and everything else now what if we wanted to set a budget at sixty dollars per day which is like a twenty percent increase well then it’s going to give us some data about how that’s going to change things.
it doesn’t look like it’s really going to make much of a difference so what if we double our budget to 80 well still pretty much the same thing until we get to i don’t know maybe three or four hundred yeah 300 now it’s saying we’re going to pick up an additional conversion here and we can do that for the other campaign as well that one’s going to look a little bit different but you can see like if we decided to increase the budget here it’s saying and we’re going to get significant increase in conversions so you can play around with this test it out maybe you want to go down by 10 and just see okay well that’s not really going to impact things much and then you can click apply if that’s something that you want to go ahead and apply to the campaign so the budget simulator is pretty straightforward you’ll find it on the campaign level here and it’s really just a matter of reading through these numbers seeing how many additional clicks you’ll get the additional costs you’ll incur how many conversions and the value of those conversions and everything and then if  it seems like it makes sense to bump up the budget you can do that now.
i will say that the budget simulator is not 100 accurate uh it’s just using the data that it has and the data it has is somewhat limited so you might find that when you make the change the results are actually better or even worse depending but this is more so just as a guide to kind of help you indicate get some indication of what will happen when you change your bid.The system GoIntThat machine basbuild by the team is know by bid simulator. 

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