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What is Google Ads?

 Google Ads are the first suggestions that pop up when you search for something on Google. You can tell they’re advertisements because they say “Ad” next to the URL. This means that the business promoting that website has paid to put that website there. Google uses your location to figure out which search results to show you. You may have noticed that when you search for something, like a business, it suggests locations near you with that business name or product. 

What are the Benefits of Google Ads?

Since Google Ads use consumer locations for suggestions, this allows you to promote your business to the people near your agency. For example, if someone searches for “Homeowners insurance near me,” your agency is more likely to pop up if you offer Homeowners insurance, and this is the same for other insurance products, too.

Benefits of Google Ads include being able to:

  • Target ideal customers (like those in your area)
  • Control your cost and stick to your budget
  • Measure your success (clicks, phone calls, actions)
  • Manage your campaigns how you choose
Google Ads Campaign Types Benefits

Campaign Types and Platforms Ads Appear

Campaign Types

Platforms They Appear

Search Ads      Text ads on the SERP
Display Ads Media-rich ads on websites
Video AdsVideo ads on YouTube
Shopping AdsProduct ads on Google
App AdsMobile app-specific ads on many channels
Local Search AdsSearch ads that drive traffic to a physical location
Smart AdsAutomated and simplified campaign builder‍
Performance Max AdsAn AI-driven, all-in-one campaign builder.
Discovery AdsNative-looking image ads across Google’s feed placements

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