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Google Ads Certified Consultant - Zabi NiaziGoogle Ads Certified Consultant Zabi Niazi helps businesses of all sizes grow their online presence, traffic, leads, and sales by optimizing campaigns using the Google Ads platform. 

With 15+ years of experience, his team delivers results aligned with your sales goals, using targeted ads and top search sponsored results. They customize strategies to meet your unique needs, whether setting up new campaigns or optimizing existing ones.

Partner with Zabi Niazi’s team today for tailored AdWords campaigns that will help you grow your business.

Visit our contact page to claim 30 minutes of free 1:1 consultation with our Top-of-Month Google Ads Expert to learn how Expert Google Ads Consultants make it easier for potential customers to find your business online.

Proven Expertise in Helping Businesses of All Sizes

  1. Maximize Leads and Conversions
  2. Increase Online Sales
  3. Drive in-store Foot Traffic
  4. Show your Brand to more People
  5. Market your App to New Users

Help Setup New Ad Campaigns on the Google Ads Platform

Our team of AdWords experts have helped over 100+ companies turn wasteful spend into profits.

Manage Existing Ads Campaigns on the Google Ads Platform

Hire the world's Top Expert Google Ads Consultants to manage your existing AdWords Platform.

PPC Campaign Setup and Management

Go to place for all things related Pay-per-click (PCC) campaigns, SEM and Adwords solutions.

Can your potential customers easily find you on Google?

With billions of searches per day on Google, you can use Google Search ads to make sure potential customers notice your brand, consider your offerings and take action. Google Ads Search Ads help drive sales, leads, or site traffic by getting your business in front of people who are actively searching Google for products or services you offer.

We will help identify Keywords that can Reach people searching for your business.

We will optimize Bids to Achieve your performance goals and get the most for your buck.

Google Ads uses auction-time bids to determine which ads to show. Reach more potential customers and meet your goals by setting bids that make sense for your business.

We will use Ads to Highlight your products and services!

Partner with us to connect with potential customers in the moments that matter. With Search ads, we can customize your brand message and showcase what you have to offer as people search on Google. 

Our Team of SEM and SEO Consultants at

  • Will get you up to speed on the latest platform updates.
  • Will design a media plan that makes the most of your budget.
  • Will help you launch your first campaign with hands-on guidance.

Google’s AI is your business multiplier

Performance Max Ad campaigns allows reach customers that have high potential of turning into a deal, across Google Search, YouTube, Display, Discover, Gmail and Maps.

Engage the Eye with Google Display Ads

Display Ads are effective in building awareness and consideration with memorable, visually engaging ads. Reach your audience when they’re online, checking Gmail, or using mobile apps.

Offer up your inventory using Google Shopping Ads

Show up when people are shopping with visually engaging product listings and let them know what you have in stock to drive more sales.

Bring your brand to life with video Ads

Boost awareness of your brand, follow up with former ad viewers, and reach potential customers while they’re watching or searching for videos on YouTube.

Promote your app with Google Ads

Reach people who are interested in apps like yours to drive installs or choose to re-engage current users to drive more in-app actions.

Get results that matter to you

Smart campaigns make it easy to create campaigns and show the world what’s unique about your business, so you can reach customers searching for what you have to offer.

Inspire audiences in their moments of discovery

Increase the quality of your website traffic and drive more conversions within personalized feeds on YouTube, Discover, and Gmail.

Our team of Google Ads Consultants helped businesses of all sizes improve ROI with targeted and optimized campaigns. We use AI and ML to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. 

Our approach is results-focused and uses insights and analytics to make data-driven informed business decisions. We use data to manage and optimize all aspects of the AdWords account, including;

  • Managing and optimizing Google Ads campaign budgets
  • Fixing conversion tracking issues for accurate reporting
  • Optimizing ad messaging and creatives
  • Targeting bottom-of-the-funnel keywords with the intent to convert
  • Improving Quality Score by optimizing landing pages and ad copies

Google Ads Certified Consultants

Premier Google Partner Agency with in-house and remote certified Google Ads expert consultants

SEM and Google Ads Experts

Search Engine Marketing SEM and Managing Ads Campaigns using Google Ads Platform formerly known (Adwords).

+15 Years of Google Ads Expertise

Google Ads Consultant professional expertise supporting businesses maximize profitability from Ad campaigns.

Are you ready to maximize your Google Ads ROI? Contact us today for a free consultation.

Search Ad Campaigns Meeting Business Goals

Our team provides personalized Google Ads Account Management Services and solutions tailored to your business goals and objectives.

Certified with Google

3 Times Google Ads Certified Consultant and Google Advanced Search Ads Specialization Award Winner in 2019.

24-hour turnaround time for new clients

We understand that you may need to hire a Google Ads expert quickly, especially if you are switching from another agency or if you are launching a new campaign.

Managed $25 - $30 Million in Ads Spend

Managed and Coordinated budgets in the range of $25 – $30 Million across multiple verticals and industries.

BirdEye Achieves 25-40% MoM revenue growth, 99.2% impression share for branded keywords

In one recent case study, Zabi Niazi helped BirdEye, a leading customer experience platform increase their leads and revenue by 30% MoM revenue growth, 99.2% impression share for branded keywords.

Zabi and his team can help you to achieve similar results by:

  • Managing and optimizing your Google Ads campaigns
  • Fixing conversion tracking issues
  • Optimizing ad messaging and creatives
  • Targeting bottom-of-the-funnel keywords
  • Improving Quality Score

Challenge - Higher CPL, Poor CRO and Systems were not synced together

BirdEye, a leading customer experience platform, was struggling to get results from its Google Ads campaigns. They were spending a significant amount of money, but they weren’t seeing the leads or revenue they needed.

Solution - A mix of Google Ad campaigns

BirdEye hired a Google Ads Expert Consultant to manage and optimize Search Marketing campaigns using Google Ads.

  • The Consultant began by fixing conversion tracking issues and setting up online and offline lead conversion data import back to Google Ads. This allowed Google’s AI and ML algorithms to drive leads that were more likely to convert using historical sales data from CRM integration.
  • Improved campaign average quality score by working closely with the client’s web team.
  • The Consultant also optimized ad messaging and creatives.
  • Conducted a thorough industry keywords research to identify bottom-of-the-funnel keywords with the intent to convert,

Results - All new strategic and tactical changes did not effect existing leads flow and volume instead increased beginning first month of partnership

One month being part of BirdEye’s demand generation team and implementing the changes, BirdEye saw a 30% increase in leads volume at a reduced -25% CPL cost. The following month BirdEye saw another boost in lead volume. Now that the sales team processed the previous month’s lead, the team was excited to find the revenue also increased by 30% consistent with a 30% Lead volume boost.

Reviewing Google Ads account campaigns and implementing the changes helped deliver the results BirdEye was seeking within the first month of the partnership.

In addition to the significant growth in leads and revenue, the Consultant was also able to achieve a 99.2% impression share for BirdEye’s branded keywords. This means that when people searched for BirdEye’s brand name, BirdEye’s ads were shown in 99.2% of the search results.

BirdEye experienced a consistent average growth of 25% – 40% month over month working with the Google Ads Expert Consultant team at

Strategies and Tactics

Google Ads Expert Consultants at used a variety of up-to-date SEM and SEO techniques to achieve these results, including:

  • Smart bidding: The Consultant used Google’s Smart Bidding strategies to automate the bidding process maximizing conversions.
  • Audience targeting: The Consultant worked with BirdEye’s broad team to identify the Ideal Customer Profile ICP and used Google Ads’ audience targeting features to show BirdEye’s ads to the right people at the right time.
  • Conversion tracking: The Consultant fixed Google Ads’ conversion tracking issues used to track the results of BirdEye’s campaigns.

Conclusion - Did your want your Google Ads efficiently optimized?

By carefully managing and optimizing BirdEye’s Google Ads campaigns, Zabi’s team of Google Ads Expert Consultants was able to achieve significant results in terms of lead generation, revenue growth, and brand control.

Working with Zabi Niazi, our AdWords Expert Consultant, has been outstanding. Since partnering, we've seen remarkable growth in leads and revenue. In our decade-long journey with various SEO, SEM, and Google Ads Consultants,'s expertise, responsiveness, knowledge, and dedication truly stand out and have significantly boosted our revenue goals.

Our team of Google Ads Consultants and Account Managers will be an extension or part of your Digital marketing team working to strategize paid search campaigns that nurture prospects across the sales funnel or customer journey (awareness, consideration & decision).

We will be Part of the team working towards achieving the overall business Demand-gen Goals.

Identify success metrics and KPIs based on marketing objectives. Figure out conversion, CPL, CPA, MQL, and SQL to help strategize how we can scale.

Managing Day-to-day optimizations

Monitor and Optimize the list of negative keywords, search ad performance, bid adjustments, demographics, audience targeting, budget pacing, and remarketing campaigns.

Sync Online and Offline Conversions with CRM

Identify ad clicks or actions leading to valuable customer activity on your website and include events defined online and offline. Setup attribution and ensuring third party systems integrate seamlessly providing real-time valuable data to help informed and data-driven business decisions.

AB Testing Ads/Descriptions other variables

Utilizing Google Ads AB testing functionalities to optimize clicks and conversions. Segment and AB test target audiences.

Reporting and Analytics

Automated weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports. Set up meetings with C-level audiences to update on campaign metrics and progress. 

Flexible Google Ads Pricing x3

Percentage of Ad Spend

This commission-based pricing model involves paying the consultant/agency a percentage of your monthly ad budget (normally somewhere between 10% – 30%).

Flat Fee

The flat-fee model is straightforward with a consistent monthly fee – no add-ons, depending on the service there is a possibility for a one-time onboarding or setup fee.

Performance Based

Request to schedule an appointment to speak in person or via Zoom.

Our method of SWOT Analysis => Google Ads Account, Industry and Competitors. How we look at Ads, the Target Audience and Analytics.

Competitor SEO Analysis

Complete business analysis including understanding how leads are generated, the strategy, channels, and assets. Almost each and everything involved in lead gen. In addition, compare strategies to identify unique selling points and what is working for our competitors, and what can be learned to inform our strategy. 

Automated Monthly Reporting

One of the most important aspects of a successful SEO campaign is assessing results and adapting plans around new SEO trends, Google algorithm updates, and new opportunities.
To help you see how your data plays into results, you will receive a monthly report of your key performance metrics, what we accomplished for you, our observations, and the plan for the following months.

Keyword Research and Planning

Zabi uses data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMRush, Google Ads Keyword Planner, and single search the final keywords list on Google to make sure the keywords selected are relevant and contextual. Ensure or Test the keywords to make sure it connects with Tathe rget audience and the ads and landing page continue with the context.

Backlinks Audit and Recommendation

Zabi’s go go-to tool is Google Search Console used to prepare a complete report highlighting where the current landing page stands in terms of the number of backlinks and industry segments. quality. Prepare data that compares our website backlinks vs the links currently ranking in average positions 1,2 and 3. 

Can I hire a Google Ads expert quickly within 24 hours?

Yes, you can hire a Google Ads expert quickly and easily. Zabi Niazi’s team of Google Ads experts can help you start and manage your campaigns within 24 hours. We have a proven track record of helping businesses achieve their advertising goals, and we offer a free consultation to discuss your specific needs.

Contact us today and one of our Google Ads Expert Consultants will get started on your campaigns within 24 hours. We offer variety of Google Ads Account Management services, including campaign setup, management, optimization, and reporting. 

We understand that you may need to hire a Google Ads expert quickly, especially if you are switching from another agency or if you are launching a new campaign. That’s why we offer a 24-hour turnaround time for new clients.

The cost of hiring our team of Google Ads Experts varies depending on their experience, qualifications, and the scope of work required. However, as a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay between $75 and $250 per hour for their services.

Hiring a qualified Google Ads expert can be a wise investment for businesses of all sizes. A good Google Ads expert can help you create and manage effective campaigns that generate leads and sales for your business.


Can I hire a Google Ads expert quickly within 24 hours?

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Delivered on the promises. Pleasure working.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
October 14, 2023

I am Small Business Owner who found Zabi searching on for a Google Ads Expert and Consultant, after a few meetings, Zabi and his team transformed our Google Ads Search campaigns in just 2 weeks. Traffic and inquiries increased, and we’ve sustained a 20% sales boost since. Zabi and his team are incredible and highly recommend for business owners looking to have presence on Google search.

Sara Hugh

Analytical and ROI-focused

Rated 5.0 out of 5
October 14, 2023

Excellent working with Zabi and his team. Since working with Zabi out account quality score has improved from average 5’s to average 8-9’s. The CPL have gone down -36%. Conversions and sales gone up monthly average 20-40%. Results speaks for itself.

Adam Carter

The cost of hiring our team of Google Ads Experts varies depending on their experience, qualifications, and the scope of work required. However, as a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay between $75 and $250 per hour for their services.

Hiring a qualified Google Ads expert can be a wise investment for businesses of all sizes. A good Google Ads expert can help you create and manage effective campaigns that generate leads and sales for your business.


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