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What is Google Ads Optimization Score?

Google Ads Optimization score uses a combination of statistical models, simulations, and automation to provide an estimate of how well your Google Ads accounts are set to perform from 0% to 100%.


How to use Google Ads Optimization Score?

Optimization score is an estimate of how well your Google Ads account is set up to perform. It can help you work smarter, freeing up more bandwidth to focus on opportunities that will help you grow your business. Along with the score, you’ll see a list of recommendations that can help you optimize each campaign.
In this blog, I’ll explain optimization score and how to use it to implement a Target CPA bidding strategy.
>From the page menu on the left, click Recommendations.
You’ll see your account’s score and available recommendations broken down by category.
Note: the score that’s calculated in real-time, based on the statistics, settings, and status of your account. Underneath your optimization score, you’ll see the recommendations ranked by priority. The recommendations expected to have the highest impact on overall score and performance will be at the top.
Optimization score is made up of multiple sections. Each section provides unique optimization tips for specific campaigns.
Optimization score encompasses several aspects of your campaign, including:
  • Bid & Budgets
  • Ads & Extensions
  • Keywords & Targeting
  • Repairs
These sections may show up depending on the level of optimization recommended for the account. If you dismissed any recommendations, you can find them by clicking on the dismissed filter in the card.
Let’s walk through how to implement a Target CPA bidding strategy through the Recommendations page.
Once in the Recommendations page, click on the relevant section filter related to bidding: Bids & Budgets. You’ll see various recommendations related to improving your bidding strategies. Find the box titled ‘Bid more efficiently with Target CPA’. Within the box, you’ll see an overview of why the account will benefit from applying a Target CPA strategy. Here you have an estimation in terms of conversion and cost uplift. Signals as to why Target CPA is identified as a good fit, are also visible. If you feel comfortable with the proposed changes, click ‘Apply All’. Click the ‘View Recommendations’ button. Here you have an estimation of the impact on weekly conversions, cost per conversion, and cost per campaign. 
Browse the campaigns recommended for Target CPA and click the ‘View’ button for more information. You’ll see Target CPA options and estimations of the weekly conversion and cost uplift. To apply the suggestions, click ‘Apply’. Your score should increase immediately, based on what you have applied.

How Optimization Score help with day-to-day account optimization?

Optimization can help you work smarter and free up more bandwidth to think strategically.

  • Instant access to your campaign’s health found in the Recommendations page.
  • Personalized recommendations based on your account’s performance and what will have the biggest impact.
  • Actionable and scalable recommendations save you time on account optimization.

Optimization Score Factors - What Google Takes into Account

  1. Your Settings
  2. Current Results
  3. Current Status as an Advertiser
  4. How good the account is optimized and Following Best Practices
  5. Recent Recommendations history

Adjustments to Improve Google Ads Optimization Score

  1. Make sure you are using the campaign suggested Ad Extensions
  2. Fix disapproved ads
  3. Making sure account in good shape – No campaign with lesser than the recommended keywords, ads, Target CPA and Quality Score
  4. Fix conflict with Negative Keywords
  5. Adjust Campaign settings
  6. Add new “Observation” audience

Type of Optimization Score Recommendations

Ads & Extensions

  • Create more relevant ads.
  • Create ads using new formats.
  • Add missing extensions.

Bids & Budgets

Keywords & Targeting

  • Add audiences.
  • Pause/add/delete keywords.
  • Upload customer lists.


  • Inspect conversion tag.
  • Correct ad target errors.

KPI's and Metrics Optimization Score AIM to Improve (optimize)

  1. Add RSAs 

    • More relevant ads and traffic.
  2. tCPA, tROAS & Max conv 

    • Increase performance.
  3. SSC 

    • Shopping & Display ‘smartly’ combined.
  4. Add DSAs

    • Create more relevant traffic.

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