Top 5 LinkedIn Ads Optimization Strategies

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In this blog, I’ll walk you through the Top 5 LinkedIn Ads  Optimization Strategies I learned after spending $100,000+ this year.

Pay Attention to Frequency

There is much debate around how many ads to have in a campaign, if you should include all of your assets upfront or in the retargeting etc.

Let frequency be your guide.

Have a 90-day retargeting campaign with a 90-day frequency of 11?

Ok, then you need 11 ads in that campaign set to even distribution for an evergreen approach that continues to serve fresh ads to those prospects over the 90 days.

Have a cold campaign with a 90-day frequency of 1.7?
Ok, then you need to dial the creatives down to your best 2 ads – cut the rest.

Get 3rd Party Insights to Drill Down into Demographics

Most B2B companies start with targeting that looks like this:
company size 10-5000 or 500-10,000
10 industries they serve
3-4 countries they work with

But one thing we realize is that conversion rates and cost per conversion can vary dramatically from group to group.

Capital markets – Cost per conversion = $357
Financial services – Cost per conversion = $239
Marketing – Cost per conversion = $150
Public relationships – Cost per conversion $755

The same goes for company size and geography.

Unless you want to micro-segment your campaigns (have dozens of movements that seek to isolate the different variables), having a 3rd party software like agency analytics (what we use) can show you the breakdown of results by demographic.

I use this info to modify them, improve my campaign targeting, and optimize results.

(we’ve been rolling out this tool/data as a standard for all our clients)

You typically need 3-4 months of data for this to be relevant.

Ad Scheduling

Conversion rates also vary significantly by time of day and day of the week.

One thing I’ve implemented was scheduling our LinkedIn ads by day and day part.

I dial back most of our ads over the weekend and after 11 pm
We also go light on Monday and then hit Tuesday very hard.

Impactable has its ad scheduling tool since LinkedIn doesn’t offer this yet.

(also becoming a new standard for our clients)

Fight for Conversion Tracking Further Down the Funnel and Add-In Conversion Value

Most B2B brands suck at channel attribution beyond just a form fill (they could learn a thing or two from B2C/Ecomm marketers)

It’s imperative that you fight for better attribution.
Then add a conversion value so you can optimize for impact.

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