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What Is Google Ads Maximize Clicks

– Sets bids to get the most clicks for a target spent amount.

Maximize clicks bidding strategy is similar to Maximize conversions, but this is best for driving more traffic.

The goal of the campaign is not conversions. Websites having excellent conversion rates could benefit from Maximize bid strategy, as it will drive more traffic and subscribers to them.

Advertisers must set maximum CPC for this strategy and closely monitor the keywords they are paying for.



FAQ Maximize Clicks Bid Strategy

When To Use Maximize Clicks Bidding Strategy?

– Use when your goal is to get traffic to your site.
– Do not use it when you have strict ROI and CPA Goals.
– It can be applied at Campaign, Ad-group and keywords level.

When to use Maximize Conversions Bid Strategy?

If your goal is to increase Leads or Transactions, use Maximize Conversions bid strategy. 

If you wanted to increase leads or transactions at a fixed cost or budget then use Maximize Conversions with Target CPA.

If you wanted to increase leads and transactions at fixed return then use Maximize Bid Strategy with Target ROAS. 

What is the strategy if you wanted to increase brand awareness?

Target Impression Share bid strategy.  Show at your desired location (e.g., top of page or bottom) and impression share in auctions

See table below that explains the above in simple detail. 

If your Business Goals equal =

If your Campaign Goals equal =

Your Suggested Bidding Method Should be

Increase profit, sales or qualified leadsGet as much conversion value as possible at a fixed return on ad spend or fixed budget
Increase leads or transactionsGet as many conversions as possible at a fixed budget or fixed cost per actionMaximize conversions Bid with optional target CPA
Increase website trafficGet as many clicks to your website as possible with the given budgetMaximize clicks
Increase awarenessShow at your desired location (e.g., top of page or bottom) and impression share in auctionsTarget impression share

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