3 Key Best Practices To Maximize Search Coverage 

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Maximize Search Coverage

The ecosystem and the way people are searching has evolved. 15% of searches on google.com are brand new every single day. Customer journeys are becoming more complex, and search is no longer just a lower funnel channel and now smartphones combined with voice search or digital assistance, create additional search moments in new contexts expanding reach via coverage targeting solutions allows you to participate in more auctions, reach valuable new customers and get additional conversions.

In this blog, you’ll learn three key best practices to maximize your search coverage via different targeting solutions. This ensures you’re reaching people regardless of the way they’re searching for your product or services.

1 - Add New Keywords

Cover high priority traffic by adding new keywords that are relevant to your business. Check the recommendations page frequently to identify new keyword ideas. If you’re creating a new campaign or looking for further expansions, use the keyword planner tool to identify keyword opportunities with estimated potential impact.

Maximize Search Coverage By Adding New Keywords

2 - Broaden Match Types

Expand the universe of queries you intend to capture by adding broader match types with smart bidding to ensure maximum coverage while aligning with your performance objectives.  Keep in mind to add negative keyword targeting to exclude unwanted traffic and reduce cost.

Maximize Search Converage By Broadening Match Types

3 - Add Dynamic Search Ads

Automate the way you capture new customers from incremental search queries by adding dynamic search ads to existing or new campaigns. Dynamic search ads use the content from your website to dynamically generate an ad headline and landing page that’s relevant to a person’s search.

Add Dynamic Search Ads - Maximize Search Coverage

In the recommendations page you can find dynamic search ads suggestions based on specific pages from your website that can drive uplifting performance. Dynamic search ads bring more efficiency to your search advertising strategy by helping you save time, cover more queries and drive performance.

Pro Tip:

To capture all relevant queries and expand coverage you can use both keyword and dynamic search ads targeting in the same campaign. Find coverage expansion suggestions on the recommendations page that are tailored to what will have the highest impact in your account. Remember to ensure there is enough budget to run on new auctions and capture additional customers. You can check budget suggestions in the recommendations page for ongoing optimization.  

Maximize Search Converage - Use Both Keyword And Dynamic Search Ads Targeting In The Same Campaign

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