Search Campaign vs Smart Campaign

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Comparing Search Campaign vs Smart Campaign

Google Ads can help you grow your business or brand and showcase your products and services to customers searching Google or visiting partner websites

Search Campaign

Search campaigns offer advanced features for advertisers who want to show ads on Google search and other websites. Search campaigns include in-depth reporting.

Smart Campaign

Smart Campaigns are Google’s solution for small businesses. Ads can be set up in just a few steps. Google’s technology will find ways to improve them over time.

Compare Options:

Search Campaigns

Smart Campaigns

BiddingAdvertiser managedAutomated
Ad extensionsAdvertiser managedAutomated
Keyword creationAdvertiser managedAutomated
Keyword editingAdvertisers can edit individual keywordsAdvertisers can manage keyword themes
ReportingDetailed reports for the campaign, ad group, ad, keyword, and search termsSimplified dashboard highlighting important stats
Where ads showAdvertiser managedAutomated
Landing pagesMultipleOne per campaign

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