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Learn How to Rank Higher and Capture more Traffic with an Instant SEO Analysis.

What’s stopping your website from creating, capturing and converting more search traffic?

Website Audit Report Sample

Get a Complete Site Audit Report, Action Plan & Future SEO Strategy

Thoroughly Check your website for SEO opportunities, implement best practices and avoid any penalties.

Request SEO Audit Today – We will get back to you within Five business days with a list of implementations & Suggestions. 

  1. Get to know your Website
  2. Implement Best Practices
  3. Pinpoint issues undermining SEO efforts
  4. Conduct a SWOT analysis
  5. How you stack with other players “competitors” in the market
What Is Seo &Amp; How It Works

In the SEO Audit Report, You will Find:


  1. Your SEO score, which summarizes the SEO health of your “Website”
  2. Where your “Website” has SEO issues
  3. How to fix your site’s SEO issues
  4. Which fixes to prioritize, based on SEO impact
  5. Where to learn more about SEO issues specific to your “Website”

Once Audit Completes

As part of the pre-packaged or custom plan end of day 44th, you will receive and have answers to the following:

  1. Low-hanging fruits identified and best practices implemented 
  2. A website with optimized speed and load times
  3. SWOT Analysis
  4. Respond to questions such as why a certain keyword is not ranking backed by researched data and analysis.
  5. Create Pre & Post Audit Reports highlighting performance and achievements.
  6. Work with the team to identify current SEO or Content processes, systems and tools.
  7. Research current processes to identify opportunities and help develop future strategies.
  8. SEO audit will show us exactly where you can improve to start ranking better in search engines.

SEO Diagnose Your Website Selecting Package Below

Small Business

Complete Site Audit
$ 3999
One Time
  • Review & Audit
  • Develop Action Plan
  • Complete Audit Report (Pre & Post)
  • 40 Number of Pages
Small Biz

Marketo Leader Plan

Complete Site Audit with Unlimited Pages
$ 9999
One Time
  • Review & Audit All Site Pages
  • Develop Action Plan
  • Complete Audit Report (Pre & Post)
  • Unlimited Pages

SM Enterprise

Complete Site Audit
$ 5999
One Time
  • Review & Audit
  • Develop Action Plan
  • Complete Audit Report (Pre & Post)
  • 60 Number of Pages

SEO Site Audit Includes + Your Suggestion

Depending on your business Goals & Needs we will pick a combination of strategies from below. 

Comprehensive Site Audit - Sem &Amp; Seo Consultant - Zabi

Comprehensive Site Audit

Technical Seo - Sem &Amp; Seo Consultant - Zabi
Technical SEO
Keyword Research &Amp; Study - Sem &Amp; Seo Consultant - Zabi
Keyword Research & Study
Backlink Exploration Exercise - Sem &Amp; Seo Consultant Zabi
Backlink Exploration Exercise
Review &Amp; Optimize Content - Sem &Amp;Seo Consultant Zabi -
Review & Optimize Content
On Page *&Amp; Off Page Seo - Sem &Amp; Seo Consultant - Zabi
On & Off Page SEO
Internation Seo &Amp; Localization - Sem &Amp; Seo Consultant Zabi

International SEO & Localization

Local Reviews &Amp; Business Listing - Sem &Amp; Seo Consultant - Zabi
Local Reviews & Directory Business Listing
Ecommerce Seo - Sem &Amp; Seo Consultant - Zabi
eCommerce SEO
Shopify &Amp; Amazon Seo - Sem &Amp; Seo Consultant - Zabi
Shopify & Amazon KeyWords Optimization
Conversion Optimization - Sem &Amp; Seo Consultant - Zabi
Conversion Optimization
Monthly And Weekly Seo Reporting - Sem Consultant &Amp; Seo - Zabi
Automated Weekly & Monthly Reporting

What's Included [Features & Analysis Checklist]

  1. 301 redirects
  2. Canonicalization
  3. Broken Links
  4. Code-to-text ratio
  5. Crawl errors – complete list
  6. Geo-location
  7. Google Webmaster tools
  8. preferred domain
  9. Google Webmaster tools
  10. parameter exclusions
  11. HTML/CSS code review
  12. HTTP status codes – home page
  13. HTTP status codes – sitewide
  14. Image optimization
  15. Internal link structure
  16. Page content review
  17. Robots.txt configuration
  18. Site compression
  19. configuration
  20. Site load time – average
  21. Site load time – home page
  22. Sitemap.xml
  23. configuration
  24. Sitemap.xml index rate
  25. Static/dynamic URL configuration
  26. Title tag optimization
  27. Analytics program configuration
  28. Duplicate content
  29. Home page content
  30. Information Architecture
  31. Link profile
  32. Site theme and content
  33. Spam/malware
  34. Top keyword rankings
  35. Top keyword traffic
  36. Website conversion
  37. Website wrapper

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Find the most frequently asked questions about Site Audits. If do not find the question you are looking for, please fill up the Contact page form with the question, we will be getting back to you at the earliest convenience.

Site Audits include quick win analysis that finds immediate opportunities. Immediate Opportunities simply put finding low-hanging fruits that if fixed or resolved bring in immediate value through the website. 

In short, Site Audit involves reviewing analyzing, and testing areas:

  1. On-Page SEO 
  2. Off-Page SEO
  3. Technical Site Audit
  4. Local SEO – Ensure proper setup and up to date
  5. International Localization – Making the website Multi-lingual in countries the business operates. Review settings and setup to ensure all work as intended. Enterprise SEO – depending on the size of the business.