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On page SEO Checklist

What is URL

 URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. The location of a webpage or file on the internet. The URL for the website you are currently visiting is ZabiNiazi.com.

Similar to how buildings and houses have a unique street addresses, likewise, webpages also have unique addresses to help locate them. On the internet, these addresses are called URLs or (Uniform Resource Locators).

A website URL is made up of a domain name, (ZabiNiazi), domain category (.com), and sometimes other elements like a subdomain (support) and path. (/blog).

Google Ads provides ads with a “Display URL” that’s shown with your ad as a final URL and determines the destination users are taking after clicking the ad.


If you are thinking about switching to HTTPS protocol but aren’t sure how it will affect your website, this article will guide you through the process. I will first explain the difference between HTTP and HTTPS in terms of performance, security, and SEO benefits.

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol which enables the communication between different systems., transferring data and information over a network.

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol  Secure, and functions similarly to HTTP, HTTPs work to protect communication between web servers and browsers when transporting data.

HTTPS secures the connection with a digital security protocol that uses cryptographic keys to encrypt and validate data. The most common way for websites to use HTTPS and have a secure domain is by obtaining a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport layer Security (TLS) certificate. TLS is widely known as the standard for HTTPS, most SSL certificates support both TLS/SSL protocols.


  1. It is a hypertext transfer protocol.
  2. It is less secure as the data can be vulnerable to hackers.
  3. It uses port 80 by default.
  4. It’s a good fit for websites designed for information consumption like blogs.
  5. It operates at the TCP/IP level.
  6. HTTP does not improve search rankings.
  7. Vulnerable to hackers


  1. It is a hypertext transfer protocol with security. It is designed to prevent hackers from accessing critical information. It is secure against such attacks.
  2. It was use port 443 by default.
  3. If the website needs to collect private information such as credit card numbers, then it is a more secure protocol.
  4. HTTPS does not have any separate protocol. It operates using
  5. HTTP but uses an encrypted
  6. TLS/SSL connection.
  7. HTTPS helps to improve search ranking.
  8. It Is highly secure as the data is encrypted before it is seen across a network

SEO Advantages HTTP vs HTTPS

Google Chrome Advantage

Chrome labels the site as “Not Secure” if the site does not have HTTPS. While the HTTPS sites get Green Secure Signal.

Online Transaction Advantage

If your online business involve monetary transactions, having HTTPS is a necessity.

Google gives preferences to the sites that use HTTPS over the competitors who don’t.

AMP Factor

It is not possible to implement AMP without switching over to the HTTPS.

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