Certified SEM and SEO Consultant

Specialized in Making Your Businesses Ads Appear in Google Search Results Every time When Users Search for What you Offer

I help companies scale Digital Marketing strategies across multiple channels to drive more revenue, more quickly, without cutting corners.

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Expert Google Ads Management Services


Equipped with Latest Marketing Trends and Best Practices.


Optimze website for optimal User Experience & Performance

Be seen where your customers are searching, browsing, and watching with Google Ads. Find the right audience for your business with ads across Google.

Search Marketing (SEM and SEO) Consultant

My expertise is not limited to only SEM, SEO, and CRO. I have advanced level expertise across Digital Marketing & Demand-Gen Channels.

Adopt a holistic approach to understand & measure How each channel contributes to revenue and opportunities, Use Search Marketing to first help other Demand-Gen channel’s performance and secondly strategize to use search as an individual contribution channel to revenue and opportunities.

Search Marketing - Buyers Journey

Google Ads
Certified Consultant

I will be an extension or part of the marketing team working to identify paid search current influence nurturing prospects throughout sales funnel or customer journey (awareness, consideration & decision). Part of the team towards achieving the overall Demand Gen Goals. Identify success metrics and KPI’s based on marketing objectives . Figure out conversion, CPL, CPA, MQL, SQL to help strategize how we can scale.
Google Ads

Managing Day to Day optimizations

Monitor and Optimize the list of negative keywords, search ad performance, bid adjustments, demographics, audience targeting, budget pacing, and remarketing campaigns.

Automated Online and Offline Conversion Leads Delivery System

Identify ad clicks or actions leading to valuable customer activity on your website and include events defined online and offline. Setup attribution and ensuring third party systems integrate seamlessly proving real time valuable data help informed and data-driven business decisions.

AB Testing Ads/Descriptions and other variables

Utilizing Google Ads AB testing functionalities to optimize clicks and conversions. Segment and AB test target audiences.

Reporting & Analytics

Automated weekly, monthly and quaterly reports. Setup meetings with C level audiences updating on campaigns metrics and progress. 

Facebook Ads

Part of the marketing team working to identify paid social influence nurturing prospects. Identify success metrics and KPI’s based on marketing objectives. Define monthly and quaterly goals.
Facebook Ads

Run ads across multiple apps.

Automatically extend your ad across Facebook’s family of apps and services with automatic placements to allow our delivery system more flexibility to get you better results.

Improve performance with dynamic creative.

Automatically deliver personalized ads with dynamic creative. Dynamic creative uses ad components like images, videos, and text and combines them in ideal ways for your audiences.

Test which ads perform best.

Create an A/B test to determine the best target audience, delivery optimization, placements, creative or product sets for each of your ad campaigns.

Get real-time insights.

See if your ads are driving their intended goal with reporting tools. By spotting trends over time, you can identify areas to adjust—like your image, budget or audience—to improve your campaign performance.

Apple Search Ads
Certified Professional

If part of business objectives includes adding App Installis - 50% chances are your business already has active campaigns and ads. Apple Search Ads is the place to be. Through Apple Search Ads, we can reach potential customers who are actively searching for the App, Services, Brand Name, or Competitors. Historically, I have seen Apple Search Ads as a channel, driving a consistent amount of monthly leads at a cost low er compared to other top 3 demand gen channels.
Apple Search Ads

Turn Intent into Active Downloads

Drive visibility and downloads of your app throughout the App Store, where over

600 million people go every week to discover and download apps.

Every moment of every journey, is covered.

When people first arrive, search for something specific, or research apps, Apple Search Ads helps them discover your app throughout their entire App Store visit.

Your budget. Your campaign. You’re in control.

Apple Search Ads makes it easy to manage your campaigns. There’s no minimum spend, and you can invest as much or as little as you want. With cost-per-tap (CPT) pricing, you only pay when a customer engages with your ad.

Insights for Action

Leverage powerful data and tools to maximize campaign results and reach your goals.

LinkedIn Ads

Generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness with LinkedIn ads. Marketing on LinkedIn helps you engage a community of professionals to drive actions that are relevant to your business.4 of 5 Members drive business decisions and +850 Million Professionals on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn Ads


Market to the world’s largest professional audience.


Power your social selling efforts with real-time sales intelligence.


Attract talent and recruit candidates from the world’s largest talent pool.


Develop talent and keep skills current with online learning.

Quora Ads

Quora makes reaching your business goals simple, whether you’re looking to build awareness, drive website traffic, or target and convert leads. We’ve got you covered.
Quora Ads

Build brand awareness, credibility, and trust by becoming an industry thought leader.

Drive traffic to your website, promote marketing content, and increase conversions.

Influence high-intent prospects searching for solutions during their consideration phase

Over 300 million unique visitors come to Quora every month to ask questions and find answers.

Work With a Dedicated Search Marketing Consultant

I could advertise expertise across all the Demand-Gen channels but my experience teaches me that’s too much. I should start with one area and improvise for maximum efficiency. Similar to how when faced with BIG problems in life, we do not solve all at once instead break them down to pieces.  Once into pieces solving becomes 10x easier. 

Seo Success